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Why I Do Not Vote, or, Gay Marriage: An apology
Okay, it was inevitable. Eventually, I was going to have to talk about it. I have a confession to make.
I do not vote in Presidential elections, and here's why:
In 2004, I voted for George W. Bush and against gay marriage.

That's right. You heard me.
I voted against gay marriage.

I was 18. I was voting absentee (because I was going to school out of state), and the lady handling my ballot went over it verbally with me: "This is for Adam and Eve, and this is for Adam and Steve."
What undecided, in that situation, would vote for Adam and Steve? She basically told me how to vote.
But I'm not blaming her. I voted how I voted, and that was that.

And I regret it. I regret it so much that I don't vote anymore.

So let's talk about "the gay marriage thing."

Some people believe that being gay is a sin.
They cite Bible verses that are talking about rape (a sin), adultery (a sin), and being inhospitable to angels (a ... well, at least a bad idea). They cite verses that are in context with the Old Covenant, the laws that we are no longer expected to uphold (hence, bacon cheeseburgers).
This is confusing. What sins, exactly, are being punished here? Are these offenses things that we are still supposed to uphold?

But, assuming for a second that being gay instead of, say, being in an intimate relationship outside of marriage is what's the sin here, why does that mean gay marriage should be illegal?

I can skip going to church on Sunday (a sin - and one that I committed this morning, forgive me). There is nothing illegal about that.
I can tell you lies about myself (a sin). Nothing illegal about that.
I can be jealous to the gills of my neighbor's house, spouse, and livestock (sin!), and there's nothing illegal about that. Furthermore, no one is trying to make this illegal.
But I can, in fact, be in a same-sex intimate relationship outside of marriage, and there is nothing illegal about that - unless I want to get married. Now there's opposition.

I don't understand why people insist on drawing the line at marriage. What an odd place to decide to enforce laws against this alleged sin. Marriage is not a Christian institution, so why would it be subject to an interpretation of Christian text?

The New Covenant - that is, Christian law as defined by the life and death of Jesus Christ - says not to abide by "eye for an eye" but to remove the plank from our own eyes before tending to the splinters in our brothers' eyes. We should not seek to judge others when we shoulder sins of our own. And we ALL have sins of our own. That is the whole point of Christian doctrine. Instead of judging, condemning, and outlawing, we are supposed to love one another. Help those in need. Extend God's Grace to the fringes of society.

There are kids who are afraid to go to school every day, afraid to talk to their parents, and ashamed to sit in church pews because of who they are. This is a tragedy. Why would a person tasked with loving one's neighbor and sharing grace want to further alienate these young people? Why would they spend so much time and energy protesting the rights of adults?

Even convicted felons can get married to whomever they choose. Why can't two women?

So, to the LGBTQ community of America: I apologize. I realize that my vote was a drop in the bucket, but there are lots of us out there voting on shit when we have no idea what the f*ck we are talking about. We have no right to grant or deny rights to you or anyone under these circumstances, and I am sorry that we seem determined to do so. Polls are indicating that the slight majority of the country is pro-gay rights these days, so I know it's just a matter of time. This is the Civil Rights battle of our generation, and it won't be without its ugly side, but love will win this war.

Celebrating patriotism in new, unhindered ways
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In honor of all men and women who have made sacrifices for cause and country, we went to the beach with a picnic lunch. The seaweed was so bad that we had to go to the inland side of an island just to get to a spot that wasn't so carpeted in seaweed as to put us off our lunch. The water there has strong currents, so swimming is discouraged but apparently not forcibly forbidden.
At one point, I saw a boy lying face down in the water. Every now and then, he would pick his head up to breathe, but it was really disconcerting. Especially after, a few minutes later, three events took place upstream:
A man drinking beer suddenly and suspiciously squatted down in the water for a few minutes.
Another man gutted a baby shark (the only non-seaweed item anyone caught all afternoon) and dumped the guts into the water.
A couple rollicked out into waist-deep water; the woman threw her legs around the man's waist and bounced around for a few minutes; then the man hoisted up his swimsuit, gave the woman a long, passionate kiss, and they romped back to shore.

We also saw a woman take a young girl to the water in this same area to wash her face off.

So, ick.

Also, yesterday we went to one of the infamous family pool parties, and my husband's cousin's cousin was so drunk he kissed my elbow.

A death, a fan fiction, a murder
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Wanted to post yesterday but my internet is acting really loopy. (Incidentally, does anyone know what it means if my computer randomly disconnects from the internet but still recognizes our router and says there is good signal? If I re-select the network, it asks for the password, and then either times out or says the password is incorrect, which it is not. Meanwhile, other devices are having no problems.)

I'm about to get on the soapbox, but first let me make two announcements:
1. Elanor Pigby, my guinea pig, died a couple weeks ago after about a week of me medicating her and feeding her by hand and generally believing that she was getting better. We went to the vet twice, got her teeth trimmed to help her eat, put her in her own cage - all told, over $400 of expenditures and more than three hours a day being hands-on with her. Disappointed doesn't begin to touch it. But there is good news, too...
2. As of Monday, I have had 10,000 hits on my Hunger Games fan fiction, which is here:
This is more than twice the hits I had on my Twilight fic, which had more than twice the chapters this one has. I am super-mega excited about it. I have some really fantastic readers.

So now, the soap.
Basic summary: A 17-year-old whose parents are getting a divorce and are settling, with his younger sister, in AZ, has been living with his maternal grandparents in the Detroit area while he finishes school (and, apparently, was planning on staying in the area for college). In March, the police were called to their residence to settle a verbal altercation between the boy and his grandmother. The police say no further action was required of them, and one officer called it a standard family disagreement. Around that time, the boy had a drug charge against him for marijuana and sought help after using hallucinogenic mushrooms. Well, about a month ago, the grandmother bought a semi-automatic handgun, and on Saturday, the boy called 911 saying he'd been shot three times in the chest and was going to die. While on the phone with 911 he is shot again. When the police arrive, the grandmother answers the door with the gun in her hand and informs the officers that she has just murdered her grandson. She shot him in the chest eight times.
This sounds to me like mental instability to me, and I sure hope it is. The media seem to be dancing around the subject rather carefully, wanting not to speak harshly of an elderly woman, but also not pointing fingers at the kid.
However, someone said to me, "If the kid was on drugs, and she was afraid, what was she supposed to do?"

And that, my friends, is why I'm here. I'll tell you what she was supposed to do.
Be an effing guardian to that minor; that's what.
Get him into rehab. Send him back to his parents. Don't buy a gun. What the hell?
This kid was a senior in high school, an age notorious for flinging kids into drunken, pot-steeped love fests where they don't even make it home, and here his parents are getting a divorce and have already left the state. I think it's a frickin' miracle he wasn't hungover on a Saturday. Experimenting with drugs and talking back to your caregiver - how many 17-year-olds don't do that?? There's no evidence that the boy was violent, and even if he was, he was not armed at the time of his murder.

I can't help feel bad for the kids parents, who undoubtedly wonder if they could have prevented this. And I feel doubly bad for the grandfather, who was out when the murder occurred and came home to an empty house, where his wife murdered his grandson.
It makes me so sad. :(

I don't remember what I posted last time, or I would give more updates on my life. Hoping all of you are well.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.
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Holy guacamole, Batman!

I don't know how it's been approximately twenty-seven years since I posted, but there ya have it. I'm going to blame The Hunger Games, because not only was I psyched before the movie came out, but I've been psyched ever since the movie's been out, and plus I'm still writing my fan fiction as well as reading fan fiction as a judge for a contest.

And, speaking of my story, this movie has been working wonders for my hit counts. My latest chapter went live on Wednesday and got over 1000 hits by the weekend. I am excite!

But, other than that, I've been reading a bunch of real books and so on. Lots of ups and downs. My dog, Wicket, died unexpectedly. So did a college buddy of mine. DH got a raise and we are shuffling our cars around a bit to make room for a Lotus effing Elise. Apparently, used, they are quite affordable.

So that's my life in a minute. How are you?

Also, I always take a moment to remember Scoop on April 1st.
Depression is no joke. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK

Accidentally bombarded with literalism
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Caution: My personal religious beliefs contained herein. I try very hard not to judge people's beliefs, but I fail at many things in life; please forgive me if I make you feel judged or excluded.

I know many of you who read my journal are either not (very) religious or spiritual but not Christian, etc., but I read something that bothered me deeply, so let me take a moment.
My feelings on love, sin, and forgivenessCollapse )

Remind me to tell you about Better Than Ezra's "Good"
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I have to tell you a little story.

When I was very young, maybe five or six years old, I saw a movie on TV. I couldn't tell you what it was about, except I think there were some pilots and maybe a tire swing in there somewhere. But, during the credits, this song played, and I loved it like I had never loved a song before.
I sang it over and over to myself, privately. I fantasized that my big brother, who could play the piano, would play it on my birthday and all my friends would come over and we would listen to him play my song. I really don't remember what age I was, but I still thought "amiracle" was a word, as in, "It's an amiracle!" - I remember that clearly. But I held on to this song very tightly. One day I would find it again. I had heard it once, and I would never forget it.
Maybe five years later, I heard it over a speaker somewhere in public. It was exactly as I remembered it! My song truly existed! But what was it?
Every few years, the song would pop up, usually somewhere that wouldn't identify it. When I watched Top Gun around age 11, I kept expecting to hear the song, but it was nowhere to be heard.
In another five years' time came the advent of high-speed internet. I don't know why, but I never googled the lyrics; but the internet held the key.
So here I am, quite possibly 20 years after I heard this song. I'm browsing the $0.69 songs on iTunes, when I see a number of Bobby Darin songs, including the title "Dream Lover." Well, the lyrics I've remembered all these years are: "I want/A girl/To call/My own/I want a dream lover/So I don't have to dream alone."

IMDB. Wikipedia.
The movie was Hot Shots!

Thank you, internet.

At least they didn't list MS as #1
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I know this is tongue-in-cheek and all, but...
I am sick and tired of that word.

What do people think of when they think of Mississippi?

As if the Hospitality State somehow owns the concept.
As if White Mississippians hating Black Mississippians is just the norm.
As if White against Black is the only type of racism there is.

Well, listen up, California and Texas - I have lived among you for long enough to tell you this with absolute certainty, and I imagine it goes for plenty other states as well:
When it comes to racism, Mississippi ain't got nothin' you ain't got.
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Asking for your support
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My darling hubby is training for a marathon to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). In a minute, I am going to ask for your help, but first, let me tell you how important this is to me.

Leukemia and lymphoma have affected my family for several decades. My cousin Donna lost her battle with leukemia in her teens. My dear friend Lauren, who was treated for non-Hodgkin lymphoma as a young child, has been my friend for over 15 years (and in fact took me to "cancer camp" with her in 1996) and remains cancer-free today. Currently, my DH's grandmother is battling leukemia as a result of a long struggle with a blood disease. In her honor, DH has decided to train for the Team in Training (TNT) endurance event in January, which is a marathon run through all four Disney parks in Florida!
I personally have visited multiple Disney parks in one day, and I was exhausted. I wasn't running, and I certainly didn't run to and from all the parks! I am so proud of DH for his decision to do this. But he needs help!
This marathon can only save lives by way of awareness and fundraising. TNT is asking each athlete to raise $4000 before the event, but I'm not asking you for a tenth of that. I'm not even asking for 1%.
IF YOU CAN, please consider a donation of any size via the donation button on the fundraising page. I will ask again as time moves on, so if you are like me and are between jobs, hopefully you will be blessed enough in the future that you have a little money to spare for a donation.
OTHERWISE, and also please pass on the below link to your friends, family, and coworkers. There are so few people today who aren't affected by cancer; here is an opportunity to help the fight against it!

If a guy whose idea of exercise is jogging up the stairs from the car to the apartment can make himself run 26 miles, you can help him reach his goal! Thank you in advance for your support, be it monetary or through spreading the word.

For more information on blood cancers, visit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at
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Oh, Neville.....
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Just wanted to share this. Debating putting it on fb but my mom reads eeeeeeverything I post on there, including comments on pages of friends she doesn't know (PS, could y'all change your privacy settings to only let friends see your wall? Thx.), and I can just see myself explaining what the F in WILF is.

Anyway, there is a mixture of "Aww" and "Woohoo!" to follow:
Neville the WILF, or How Herbology Became Sexy

Update on jobliness
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In my last post, I mentioned the possibility of my getting offered the Library Job Of My Dreams and trying to make it until October on my semi-income.
Well, call me a psychic.

I DID get offered the job, July 29th. +1
I DON'T start until October 1. -1
I DO have, however, several trainings to attend before then. So far, they aren't specific to me or my promotion, but they do include lists of session attendees, with their branches and titles next to them, and next to my name is my forthcoming title and branch! +1
And I have an interview Friday with a retail outlet to which I applied before nabbing LJOMD. It would be great if they allowed me to choose my own shifts and I could work around my library job(s) as long as that works out. I need money now, and if they are flexible with me, I could stay with them indefinitely if so inclined. +1 (Or, worst-case scenario, 0)

I'm not counting my paychecks before they're hatched, but I have been spending a lot of prayer/positive karma/cosmic energy on this over the past five months, so it's a huge relief that there is a light at the end of this deep, dark tunnel!
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